Best Moments of 2020 Weddings

Can we all agree that we are SO happy 2020 is coming to an end?! Even though the words “Best” and “2020” aren’t often heard in the same sentence these days, I wanted to reminisce about all the GOOD things that have come from this year – and that means celebrating all of my 2020 couples. If anyone deserves a HUGE glass of champagne, it’s these folks. They have gone through planning, and replanning, and sometimes RE-replanning!!

So let’s raise a glass to these couples and enjoy reliving their days!

Janna and Max – Wild Eagle Lodge Wedding

Well Janna and Max weren’t supposed to be my first wedding of 2020 – but after enjoying a lockdown during the spring that’s what happened! Their rustic-Americana wedding was a blast. There’s two things that stood out to me as the “best” for their wedding.

Best Aisle Entrance

Janna walked down the aisle to the Star Spangled Banner. This was definitely a FIRST and I’ve been to a lot of weddings! It helps that it is one of Max’s favorite songs and she TOTALLY surprised him with her song choice.

Best Cocktail Hour Location

So technically this wasn’t their actual cocktail hour – but it was for their bridal party and friends. They had two pontoon boats and floating through the chain-of-lakes enjoying a few beverages.

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Elizabeth and Scott – Seven Seas Wedding

Elizabeth and Scott were originally going to be married at Lake Park Bistro, but alas, that couldn’t happen. So a few weeks before their wedding they made the switch and had a micro wedding at Seven Seas. It was a perfect day and the rain storm held off for JUST long enough for their outdoor ceremony.

Best Food

The food was from Seven Seas and it was ah-mazing. I got this amazing shrimp and YUM. So good. They also had a chocolate fondue fountain and the cake was Cheesecake which is my FAVORITE dessert.

Best Getaway

These two found someone with a boat who was willing to whisk them away at the end of the party. It was the perfect way to end their day!!

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Kara and Sam – Intimate Milwaukee Elopement

After postponing the nuptials (and eventually canceling them) these two were ready to be married already! So they eloped with a gorgeous view of Lake Michigan!

Best Friend

When I say best friend – what I really mean is man’s best friend! These two tied the knot with just Sam’s parents and their dog, Loki. And Loki stole the show.

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Kate and Andy – Shorewood Presbyterian Micro Wedding

As I was looking through these photos again, I remember how emotional this wedding was!! Kate and Andy chose to tie the knot in a super intimate ceremony together. I was only there for a couple short hours but by the end I felt like I was part of their family!

Best Virtual Involvement

These two had 10 guests in person and their grandparents joined via zoom. What I loved the most is that one of their grandparents did one of the readings and then we also took a few family pictures with the tablet afterwards! As an added bonus they even dressed up nicely for the occasion.

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Kristin and Dave – Davians Wedding in Menomonee Falls

These two were supposed to be my first wedding of 2020, and well, things changed. And Kristin and Dave just went with the flow. They definitely added their own flair to each part of their wedding day!

Best Vows

These two are total jokesters and they definitely incorporated that into their day! When it was time for Dave’s vows he pulled out a GIANT stack of notecards and started reading off one word at a time. After the first sentence he jokingly looked around resumed his vows normally. Kristin had a similar idea – she pulled a giant roll of paper out and unraveled it all the way down the aisle!

Best Father Daughter Dance

As Kristin and her dad began dancing to a slow song suddenly Uptown Funk started blasting through the speakers! They then broke into a choreographed dance routine before the song quickly went back to the slow song. It was a fun surprise for everyone!

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Tanya and AJ – Backyard Wedding

Tanya and AJ had a small backyard wedding with their immediate families only. It was so fitting for them to start this next chapter together in the backyard of their new home. Tanya is a former coworker of mine so I was so honored to be the one to capture their day!

Best Public Portraits

It’s not often when my couples decide to venture away from their venue for portrait time – but these two wanted to get photos by the Milwaukee Riverwalk! Every person we passed was wishing them congratulations – we felt like celebrities!

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Allie and Mark – Autumn Ridge Golf Club Wedding

Allie and Mark are so sweet and of course they had the most perfect September wedding day. I almost gave them “Best Transportation” because we had a lot of fun being driven around in a golf cart for their portraits.

Best First No-Look

Allie and Mark opted not to see each other before their ceremony – but they did write each other a letter and stand around the corner from each other! It was my absolute favorite part of their day – they were both so emotional and it was so sweet to witness!

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Gina and David – Folk Song Farm Wedding

Gina and David had a minimony this year and are having the party next year! I’m so grateful to get to work with them TWICE! I loved how family-oriented their day was. I was tearing up multiple times throughout the day!

Best Themed Details

These two LOVE Disney! So of course they needed some subtle touches of Disney in their day. David wore Mickey Mouse cuff-links and they also had a Disney candle! Their table decorations were also Disney inspired and of course their cake topper also had a hidden (or not so hidden) Mickey on it!

Brynn and Eric – Bowery Barn Wedding

Brynn and Eric had a micro wedding at The Bowery Barn and it did NOT disappoint. Every aspect of their day was timeless and perfect. Their sweet pup and dog of honor, Gus, made an appearance after the ceremony for a photo op.

Best “Cake” Cutting

I put cake in quotes because their cake was actually a GIANT donut! These two jokingly held it up to take a bite out of it before deciding to cut into it instead!

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Liz and Tony – Private Property DIY Wedding

Liz and Tony did pretty much everything themselves or with the help of family and friends for their wedding day. They got married during peak fall and their photos are full of gorgeous golden tones!

Best DIY details

As I mentioned above, these two did almost everything themselves. Their invites, their favors, their centerpieces and more! My favorite detail were the personalized etched wine glasses to mark each person’s seat!

Best Fireworks display

How can I NOT mention their fireworks display!? I LOVE fireworks and I couldn’t contain my excitement as these two ended the night with an amazing fireworks display!

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Nikki and Justin – Terrace167 Wedding

Nikki and Justin had a gorgeous Wisconsin wedding with a sunny November day as a backdrop to their family-filled day. Terrace167 served as a rustic-industrial space for them to tie the knot. The whole day was so much fun!

Best Animals

I have had several people involve their furry friends on their wedding days – but Nikki and Justin had a first for me. They not only involved their two handsome dogs (with adorable bowtie collars I might add), but they also involved their cat! Of course their dog, Bentley, was also the ring bearer!

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Thank you!

Thank you to all of my 2020 couples! What a WILD ride this year has been – but we made it! I am truly honored to have been able to witness some of the best moments of your lives. You will always be a part of the #nicolemirocouple family! Cheers to an ever better 2021!!

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