Kate and Andy – Intimate North Shore Presbyterian Shorewood Wedding

Picture this – it’s your wedding day. You pull your wedding dress out of the bag. As you trace your fingers along the delicate lace and beading on the bag, you remember your late aunt. It was made out of her wedding dress. You slip into your mother’s wedding dress that has been perfectly altered to fit you. Your grandma watches – smiling as she sits silently in the corner. Today’s the day you get to marry the man of your dreams!

All of this describes the moments leading up to Kate and Andy’s intimate wedding ceremony at North Shore Presbyterian church in Shorewood. Their wedding day was full of meaningful moments, from her mother’s wedding dress, to her dress bag, to the fact that both Kate and Andy’s parents’ had gotten married at the exact same church. SO many tears were shed – including from me!

During the ceremony, the pastor touched on a few key points. One of those was to first, prioritize your marriage. Another thing he mentioned was to always remember your family and your supporters. Those words rang true as Kate and Andy stood surrounded by only their immediate family, a couple close friends, and a set of grandparents via zoom.

My Favorite Moment

It’s so hard to pick a favorite moment. The entire day was super emotional and I loved seeing everyone there unapologetically shed tears throughout the ceremony. My favorite moment might have been during a moment of comic relief though – when Kate’s veil fell out mid-ceremony. Her maid of honor was quick to put it back in, but it gave everyone a laugh during an emotionally charged moment. A close second would be when Kate walked down the aisle – I loved watching Andy get teary as he saw the woman of his dreams walking towards him. And because I can’t possible just pick two, I loved that their grandparents were on zoom and even did one of the readings during the ceremony!

A Note to Kate and Andy

I have never been at a wedding so small, yet full of SO.MUCH.LOVE. Thank you for reminding ME of what is most important in a marriage. You two are so kindhearted and the love you two share is palpable. I wish you both the best as you begin your married life together! I am honored to have gotten to witness the beginning of your next chapter together!


Venue: North Shore Presbyterian Church

Flowers: Trader Joes + Family Garden

Hair: Alysce Zuleger (Friend of the bride)

Dress: Mother’s Dress

Cake: Miss Molly’s Cafe

Food: Simple Eats MKE

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