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Last month I was the one in front of the camera for once! I was fortunate enough to work with Sabrina from Sabrina Keepman Photography at The Bowery for my branding session! I believe every small business should hire a brand photographer at some point.

What is a branding session?

A branding session is way more than headshots – it’s a session that is all about showcasing your brand and personality! By the end of a branding session, you will have a ton of new content for your website, blog, and social media.

If you have a personal brand, a branding session is a great way to solidify elements of your personal brand. For example, I want my audience to know that I’m married and I LOVE Bath and Body Works Candles so I made sure to incorporate some of that into my branding session. I also wanted some cozy, homey vibes to this session. This is because I want my content to be relevant for the upcoming winter season.

Why I chose to hire a brand photographer

I chose to do a branding session because I just finished rebranding and refreshing my website! I felt that my personal content on my site needed to be updated to match my new brand – everything from the colors to the vibe. My website had very specific spots that needed an updated photo and I made sure to communicate that to my photographer so she would get those photos for me. For example, I needed a horizontal image with a lot of negative space on the left for my about page!

My previous headshots were all very formal and dressy and I wanted some content that was more relaxed. To put it frankly, I didn’t feel like my previous content reflected ME. I wanted these photos to feel like my true self!

How to prepare for a branding session

I tell all of my clients that preparation is key for your session. If you properly prepare, you’re session will go super smoothly and you’ll LOVE your photos as a result! Here are a few things I did to prepare for my session that I think really helped!

  • Select a session location that showcases the vibe you want
  • Pick a brand photographer with the style you like
  • Schedule hair and makeup appointment
  • Plan out elements of your personal brand you want to incorporate
  • Select outfits that compliment your brand color palette and style
  • Bring a lot of props that reinforce your personal brand!

Here are a few of my favorites from my branding session! You’ll see more on my social media in the coming months too! Reach out to me at if you’re ready to get started planning your own branding session!

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