Janna and Max – Rustic Americana Wild Eagle Lodge Wedding

The music stopped. Everyone waited in anticipation. Heads turned, looking for a glimpse. Then a familiar melody burst out of the speakers. The Star Spangled Banner began to play as Janna made her way towards her groom. Max was in shock – he didn’t know the song she had chosen to walk down the aisle to. Tears began to flow from Max’s eyes as he tried to contain his emotions. He placed his hand over his heart as the National Anthem continued to play and he saw his wife for the first time on their wedding day.

When two people are meant to be together, they find each other at the right time in each other’s lives. That’s what happened when Janna and Max met through some mutual friends a few years ago. The rest is history.

I admire Janna and Max for going through all the stress of planning a wedding during a global pandemic. These two completely rearranged their wedding day plans two months prior to their big day. In the end, they rolled with the punches life threw at them, got through it together and now they are MARRIED!

Janna describes Max as a loving, respecting, caring and model American. Max describes Janna as a strong, independent woman who is equally kind, caring and thoughtful. These two enjoy playing games, camping, and going on surprise adventures together! Together they make a great team with an immense zest for life and I am so grateful that I’ve gotten to know them so well over the last year!

Their Wedding Day

Max loves America – I mean LOVES America. He has an American Flag in his email signature and everything! So I KNEW they’d be incorporating some red, white and blue into their wedding day somewhere! I didn’t quite expect Max to literally be wearing an American Flag. The inside of his suit was lined with the stars and stripes and his wedding band is adorned with an American Flag. They had a huge flag behind their head table as well – it was truly an All-American wedding.

One of the first things Janna and Max told me about their wedding day was that they wanted a pontoon ride after the ceremony. They boarded two boats with some of their closest friends after the ceremony and enjoyed the gorgeous day on the lake celebrating. Of course they had to make a pit-stop at a bar – I had never been to a bar where you could pull up in your boat and dock outside of it before! Apparently that’s a thing in Northern Wisconsin!

My Favorite Moment

It is so hard to pick just ONE favorite moment from their wedding day. The entire day was filled with love, smiles, and JOY! But if I had to pick one moment it would be when Janna surprised Max with walking down the aisle to the National Anthem. Other moments that deserve an honorable mention are when Max surprised Janna with a box full of their favorite memories together, or when Janna’s dad broke out some AMAZING dance moves during the father/daughter dance (seriously, we all died laughing) or when Max gave a heartfelt speech during the reception (I only cried a little bit).

A Note to Janna and Max

Janna and Max – thank you so much for trusting me and welcoming me into your lives. You two have shown me so much about perseverance and the importance of focusing on what really matters. As you begin your married life I hope you continue to focus on what’s important, hold tightly to each other through ALL the good times and the hard times, and learn more about loving each other every day. It’s been an honor getting to know you both and I’m grateful to call you my friends. I hope you two are enjoying your honeymoon camping trip throughout Northern Wisconsin!

Enjoy some of my favorite photos from your wedding day!

#SprecherToTheMax Vendor Team
Venue: Wild Eagle Lodge
Catering & Desserts: Rockman’s Catering
Rentals: Tent Essentials
Photographer: Nicole Miro Photography
Florist: Horant’s
DJ: Zach Zamzow
Dress: Vera’s Bridals
Tux/Suits: Shinesty
Hair & Makeup: Nicole Christine Styling

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  1. Samantha says:

    Super fun and patriotic!

  2. Britany says:

    Your pictures are stunning! And I love the part about the national anthem. So cute!

  3. Olivia says:

    What a beautiful glow out on the dock! I love these!

  4. Tania says:

    These are such beautiful images if their special day!!

  5. Lydia says:

    Beautiful wedding. I love the groom’s expression as the bride is walking down the aisle.

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