Kara and Sam – Intimate Milwaukee Elopement

2020 Brides – I feel for you. It is SO hard to plan a wedding day and then have to make the difficult decision to cancel it. So I can’t blame Kara and Samuel for making the spontaneous decision to get married anyways after postponing their big party.

Kara and Samuel decided on a weekend in late June (shortly after their nuptials were supposed to happen) that they just wanted to be married already! So they picked the following Wednesday as their date and started putting their plan into action! They wanted a spot overlooking the lake and they wanted to be able to bring their dog! So a local park ended up being perfect for their ceremony!

Their Love Story

These two met in NYC on St. Patrick’s day a couple short years ago. They LOVE cooking together, trying new foods, travelling to new places, and of course pampering their dog! Sam proposed to Kara in Central Park – and since he owns a lab grown diamond company you can rest assured that the ring is STUNNING!

Their Wedding Day

Their wedding day was perfect with just Sam’s parents, their officiant and their dog, Loki, present. Sam’s mom made sure to Facetime Kara’s parents for the sweet ceremony.

My Favorite Moment

My favorite moment was immediately after their ceremony when these two immediately hugged Loki in celebration! You can definitely tell how much their adorable pup means to them! It was one of the biggest priorities when they were looking for a ceremony location was being able to bring their dog!

A Note to Kara and Sam

Kara and Sam – your joy and zest for life is contagious. You two have shown that no matter what curveballs life throws at you, that you’ll get through it together (and with Loki by your side too!). Your commitment to each other is palpable. I am SO excited that you two chose to be a little spontaneous and get married! Your ceremony was truly all about what is important – being TOGETHER and your marriage with each other. Congratulations and enjoy a few of my favorites from your day!

Flowers by Laterre Market

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