Top Wedding Moments of 2019

What a year 2019 was. I am so honored to have played a role in so many couples big days. And I can’t wait to continue serving more couples in 2020! I thought I’d break down my favorite wedding moments of 2019 with a few stories from the weddings I was able to help capture.

Most Surprising Moment

Anna and Miles – Villa Terrace Brunch Wedding

I loved the look on Anna’s face when Miles surprised her with a video he had made for their wedding day. It was full of fun moments since they had gotten engaged. Everyone laughed and smiled along with the video and I’m sure it’s something they’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Shortest Speech

Katelyn and Mark – Oshkosh Convention Center Wedding

My favorite part of every wedding day are the toasts. I love hearing what stories loved ones decide to share about the couple. I sat through a lot of great speeches this year but none of them were as short as the Best Man at Katelyn and Mark’s wedding. His speech was about 30 seconds long. If anyone doesn’t like long speeches then Mark’s Best Man might be willing to give you some tips.

Most Tears Shed

Shannon and Corey – Milwaukee War Memorial Wedding

When I say most tears shed, I mean most tears shed by me. When Shannon and Corey were walking down the aisle I was barely holding myself together. I could feel the love they had for each other and the love radiating from their guests. What really put me over the edge was when they started their ceremony by personally hugging and greeting all of their guests. These two have traveled the world together and I loved their travel themed day! Not to mention the night ended with fireworks from the nearby Pride Fest.


Most Embarrassing Moment

Becca and Sean – Bull Valley Golf Club Wedding

Becca and Sean had quite the day! From a huge thunderstorm rolling in right as their ceremony was about to start to the 110 degree heat index – it was a definitely a day to remember. But this wedding takes the spot for the most embarassing moment when Sean ripped his pants! Thankfully his mother in law was able to sew it up before the ceremony!

Most Important Item Forgotten

Emily and Joey – Broadlands Golf Club Wedding

This was a wedding I was second shooting with JM Photography but the story is too good not to share. When Joey was getting ready, he realized he forgot his pants back at his house which was over an hour drive away! Thankfully someone was able to fetch his pants in time but this resulted in some getting ready photos with him wearing gym shorts.


Furthest Wedding

Jessie and Mike – Historic Dubsdread Ballroom Wedding in Orlando, Florida

The furthest wedding I traveled to this year was for Jessie and Mike’s wedding in Orlando! This wedding was full of personal details and family. It also made me want to photograph more weddings in Florida cause I loved all the gorgeous moss and plants!

I hope you enjoyed reminiscing about some of my favorite wedding moments of 2019!

  1. Jeanette says:

    Another year in the books! Loved reading your memories from these happy days!! Congrats to all the happy couples!!

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