Kristin and Dave – Davians Menomonee Falls Wedding

Kristin and her dad swayed softly on the dance floor together. Suddenly, the beat drops. The song Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars starts blaring through the speakers. Kristin and her dad looked at each other – confused. Then they turned towards the crowd and broke into a coordinated dance! The crowd burst into laughter! After a minute the song changed back to the slow tune while Kristin and her dad immediately resumed their slow sway. This moment perfectly encapsulates Kristin and Dave’s wedding day – following traditions, but always adding their own flair to it!

Their Wedding Day

Kristin and Dave’s wedding day was supposed to be in April. They poked fun at it by crossing out the old date in their wedding programs among a few other things. I appreciated how these two kept their positive attitudes throughout it all. Their summer wedding took place at Davians banquet hall in Menomonee Falls.

These two incorporated their spiritual nature into their ceremony – at one point their wedding party surrounded them, arms outstretched, praying for them. How special is that?! Their reception was complete with the his/her shoe game and swing dancing lessons!

I always love toasts. Kristin’s sister, Kari, wrote a heartfelt speech about the five reasons why Dave is lucky to have married her sister. The Best Man immediately followed that with a joke saying that he didn’t write his speech but took some notes from the Maid of Honor. He started to break into the 5 reasons why Dave is lucky to have married his sister (just kidding!). He actually had a great speech written himself about how selfless and forgiving Dave is.

I LOVED the stories that Kristin’s mom told about Kristin being a bit of a troublemaker – including the times when Kristin would run away from her at Wal Mart and go to the customer service desk and have her mom paged on the overhead speaker! Hah!

My Favorite Moment

As always, it is SO hard to pick just one moment. I would have to say that their vows that they wrote to each other was my favorite part. As Dave began his vows, he pulled out a GIANT stack of notecards. We all settled in to our seats ready for the world’s longest vows. He then started “I” (flipped a card) “Dave” (flipped the next card) “Take” (next card) “You” (next card”) “Kristin” before he smiled and continued the rest of his reasonably length vows. It was a great moment of comic relief.

When it was Kristin’s turn, she pulled out a scroll of paper – then she unfurled the scroll. The paper was so long it rolled halfway down the aisle! Once again, everyone laughed. These two have a wonderful sense of humor and I’m so glad they incorporated their personalities into their day!

A Note To Kristin and Dave

When I first met you in February I thought to myself “Wow, they’re planning a wedding really quickly!” Little did we know what was in store for your journey. You two have rolled with everything life has thrown at you and in the end, you are MARRIED! I am so happy for you both. And even though you ended up having to plan your wedding twice (when most people struggle planning one!), you two had the most perfect day. I LOVED that you two let your personalities and inside jokes shine throughout the day – it felt like YOU! Thank you for letting me capture your day and I’m SO grateful to have gotten to know you both so well through the process.

Vendor Team

Venue: Davians

DJ & Swing Dancing Lessons: Steven Carter w/ Carter Events

Dress: JJs House

Suits: Kohls

Flowers: Bride’s Mother

Cake: Joan Borowski (Family Friend)

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