South Shore Park Engagement – Katie + Austyn

I am SO excited to share Katie and Austyn’s summer South Shore Park engagement session with you all! I first met Katie at an open house at The Gage in West Allis. Katie was with her mom and she was SO excited to meet me in person after following my work on Instagram.

Usually one of the first questions I ask at an open house is if they have a date yet – if I’m already booked I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. When I asked Katie this question she replied with “Well… you see I’m not engaged yet… but it’s coming!” And she was right! Just a couple of weeks later, Austyn asked her to marry him!

How They Met

Austyn and Katie went to high school together! However, they didn’t start dating until AFTER high school. Katie was a junior and Austyn was a freshman. She was part of the student council and, as a result, was responsible for helping plan the freshman dance. When the seniors made the juniors go dance with the freshman, Katie immediately started searching the crowd for the least scary looking freshman. That freshman happened to be Austyn! From then on, they smiled at each other in passing, but Katie was too busy to be concerned with boys (especially a freshman!).

Throughout college, they would run into each other occasionally at bars. A slightly inebriated Austyn even told Katie “I’m going to marry you someday!” which Katie did NOT find charming. In her eyes, he was still that little freshman.

Then one day, Katie stopped thinking Austyn was so little. Instead, she saw that he had become quite handsome! She was ready to give him a chance! Needless to say, things worked out well for both of them – 5 years later and here they are planning their wedding!

How He Asked

On a beautiful October day, Austyn told Katie to shower and get ready. Meanwhile, he whipped up an amazing brunch complete with mimosas! He attached the ring to Katie’s mimosa glass so when they went for a toast, she felt the ring on the glass! That’s when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him!

Their Upcoming Wedding

These two are tying the knot next May at the Legends at Brandybrook! It’s going to be a beautiful spring wedding with a lot of timeless details. I can’t wait to see what these two come up with for their day!

Their South Shore Park Engagement Session

We had the most perfect (and MOST HUMID) evening for their South Shore Park engagement session! I loved how much Katie and Austyn trusted me with whatever I threw at them. They also brought along their adorable and energetic pup, Murphy! I really enjoyed spending the evening with Katie and Austyn – Austyn has kind heart with a contagious laugh and Katie has such a warm, welcoming personality. Their session made me even MORE excited for their wedding day – as if I wasn’t already excited enough about it! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their session!

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