Rachel and Curtis – South Shore Park Vow Renewal

10 years ago, Rachel and Curtis met. And the rest was history.

These two met through OkCupid and went on their first date almost exactly 10 years ago. A year and a half later they were married! To celebrate this milestone of their time together they wanted to renew their vows with each other.

They both love the lake, so they wanted a wintry lakefront vow renewal. It was a really cold evening but they realized how important this moment was for them. A new chapter. A new beginning.

They adventured down to the shore at South Shore Park in Milwaukee. Rachel held onto a handmade bouquet with flowers she picked up at Trader Joe’s while wearing a gorgeous maroon lace gown. Curtis was also dressed up for the occasion.

Curtis started by reading off a heart-felt letter to Rachel. The moment was perfect – just the two of them by the shore expressing their love for each other while I captured the moment from a distance. I could see Rachel starting to get emotional as Curtis shared his letter with her.

Then it was Rachel’s turn. She read off her own handwritten letter to Curtis. The intimate ceremony concluded with them exchanging their wedding rings again – and repeating those same words they promised to each other on their wedding day almost 9 years ago.

Congratulations on a beautiful 10 years together Rachel and Curtis. This truly is the beginning of another beautiful chapter of your love together. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture these for you and cheers to another 10 years ahead of you!

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