Fall Lakeshore Engagement

Jorie and Derek drove to Milwaukee from the Chicago area for their rainy fall lakeshore engagement. Their session is proof that a little rain can actually make for a super romantic engagement session – plus we had the entire beach to ourselves!

Their Love Story

Jorie and Derek enjoy going to Cubs games, traveling, and going out to dinner together. They have an adorable fluffy dog named Reese and love doing anything that involves her! Of course Derek had to involve Reese in the proposal as well. In October 2020, Jorie and Derek went out to an early dinner together. Afterwards, Jorie got ready to take Reese out on a walk. Derek went to the crate to let her out and Reese ran towards Jorie wearing a little bandana. As Reese got closer, Jorie could see that the bandana said “Will you marry my daddy?” and then Derek proposed. He even surprised her by having some of her friends hiding in the house waiting for them to celebrate afterwards!

Their Fall Lakeshore Engagement Session

When I looked at the weather report for the evening of their engagement session I was a little panicked. I thought we were going to get rained out! Fortunately the forecast shifted and most of the rain missed us – but we did have to duck under the South Shore Pavilion for a few minutes to wait out a small bout of rain.

I LOVE the photos we got in the rain! They turned out really cozy and romantic which goes to show you that even if a little rain is in the forecast we can make the most of it! Even though South Shore Park is usually pretty crowded, we had it all to ourselves. The rain was truly a blessing in disguise!

We had some gorgeous fall color as a backdrop to the session. Fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year for photos. Jorie and Derek were so much fun! I loved watching them interact with each other – they love to joke around with each other and it definitely made me laugh!

Their Upcoming Wedding Day

Jorie and Derek will be getting married next June in Lincolnshire, IL. I’m super excited to work with a few of my favorite vendors for their day! It’s going to be a really fun classic wedding! I can’t wait to see their wedding day vision come together for a great summer wedding day.

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