Downtown Milwaukee Engagement

Nicole and Garrett’s downtown Milwaukee Engagement session was so much fun! We were racing a rain storm and right as we finished up the session some rain drops began to softly splatter on my window. Phew! I met these two at Cat and Reese’s wedding day and was thrilled when they decided to hire me as their wedding photographer as well!

Their Love Story

Nicole and Garrett met at WCTC – they were in the same class general education course. Nicole was pursuing Physical Therapy and Garrett was pursuing accounting. Garrett noticed Nicole right away but it took awhile for Nicole to notice him back. It wasn’t until they were put in a group together that Nicole finally noticed Garret. He actually thought that Nicole was dating someone else in the class so he was really shy and didn’t talk much to her! But Nicole thought he was pretty cute!

Later on Nicole looked up Garrett on Facebook and sent him a message. In that message she said she would love to get to know him better over dinner or breakfast. Within MINUTES Garrett responded that they should get breakfast the very next day! So that’s what they did! The rest was history!

The Proposal

Garrett is a military veteran and wanted to propose at the Veteran’s memorial in downtown Oconomowoc. It was a chilly March evening and Garrett asked Nicole if she wanted to go for a walk – of course she said no because it was too cold outside and she was tired after work. After a little bit of convincing, Nicole reluctantly went. As they pulled up to the spot where they had their second date, Nicole asked Garrett if he was proposing to which he responded “No”.

As they were sitting on the bench where they had their second date Garrett dropped down onto one knee. He asked Nicole how she planned on spending her next 60 years. She responded “with you” and he asked her to marry him!

Their Upcoming Wedding

These two are getting married at The Carriage House next May and I’m so excited for their wedding day! It’s going to have a boho vibe and a few of my favorite vendors will be there too (HELLO REMINGTONS Florals!). They are both so excited to marry their best friend and start a new chapter together!

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