Tatiana and Jean-Yves: Lakeshore State Park Couples Session

Have you ever been to Museum after Midnight (MAM) at the Milwaukee Art Museum? Well – if you haven’t, and you’re single, you might just meet your future spouse there! That’s what happened with Tatiana and Jean-Yves! Jean-Yves got the courage (after drinking a little bit of liquid courage) to talk to the beautiful girl at the art museum. By the end of the evening he asked her for her number. He didn’t wait long to contact her – the three day rule is not a thing! He reached out to Tatiana the very next day!

On their first date they went to a classical music concert at the Milwaukee Symphony. Well.. Jean-Yves fell asleep during that date. Whoops! That made me laugh because on my first date with my husband we went to an Opera and I fell asleep after the intermission. Clearly things worked out for the both of us. If you’re looking for any first date ideas, maybe find something where you can take a little power nap! I’m sure it’ll work out well for you too (I’m totally kidding – you should probably not take this advice from me).

My session with Tatiana and Jean-Yves was a dream. After having to reschedule two previous times (ugh thunderstorms and wind!) we had the PERFECT night for a session. The light was so dreamy! This is why you get photos at golden hour folks! I love going to Lakeshore because you can get gorgeous shots with the Milwaukee skyline in the background and of course after the sun sets you can get some beautiful lake backdrops too. It’s always a favorite spot of mine. Plus it’s right next to the art museum where they met!

These two were so much fun to work with and kept going along with my crazy antics. But as anyone who’s worked with me knows, I may ask you to do funny things but they look great on camera! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their session!


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