Jeanette and Caleb – Boise, Idaho Engagement Session

I looked on my back porch. There they were. Two baby birds popped their heads out of the nest. I jumped with excitement and grabbed my phone to take a few pictures. As I was taking a photo, my phone began to ring. I looked down, it was my sister. I squealed as I answered the phone “Jeanette! The baby birds just hatched!” My sister responded “Wow! Your family is growing so fast! And guess what, it’s going to be growing by one more, because Caleb and I are engaged!” I don’t know if I remember what happened after that because I was too excited. And the best part was I would be going to visit my family in Idaho just a few days later.

Jeanette and Caleb. Where do I begin? The summer after I graduated from college Jeanette had finally “given up on dating.” She was working night shift at the time, and somehow nobody seemed to understand her sleep/work schedule. Then Caleb came along. These two met at the Boise Centre on the Grove at Alive After Five – a Wednesday night tradition in Boise where live music plays at the Grove. A mutual friend introduced them and right away they hit it off. Caleb was interested right away but wasn’t sure how Jeanette felt. She held his hand at the end of the night but they didn’t exchange numbers until a bit later when Caleb finally found a chance to naturally ask for her number so they could go shooting the next day.

I remember when Jeanette called me and told me she was seeing someone. Specifically I remember how she mentioned that when he asked her on a date that she couldn’t attend because of her work schedule, he invited her out to breakfast after her night shift instead. No other guy had ever thought to suggest this before, and that really made him stand out to me.

When I first met Caleb I could tell right away he fit into our family. He greeted me with a big warm hug. I loved watching how he made my sister laugh. Something felt right about this relationship. Almost five years later, and now they’re engaged!

I am so happy that I was able to be in Boise to capture their engagement photos. We had so much fun going to a few iconic locations in Boise like Kathryn Albertson Park, the Boise Depot, the iconic red railroad bridge, and of course where it all began at the Grove. Since it was the fourth of July, they played into the patriotic theme for one of the outfits!

A few years ago the Grove was holding a brick sale. Caleb purchased a brick and captioned it “Our love story began here 2014. Caleb & Jeanette.” Naturally, we had to get some photos with that brick. And we couldn’t forget about their dog, Neska. She joined for a few photos the next day in the evening. How cute is this dog?! 

Caleb and Jeanette. I love you both so much. This means the world to me that I was able to capture your engagement photos. I can’t wait for what the next year and beyond brings for the two of you. I am so excited for you two to spend a lifetime together.


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