Classic Boise Engagement Session – Melissa and John

Melissa and John chose multiple locations for their classic Boise engagement session that showcased all of the beauty Boise has to offer – including an unexpected wildlife encounter!

Their Love Story

Melissa and John have been together for over 8 years! They met when Melissa was working at a skating rink. John boldly went up to Melissa and commented about how Melissa was the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and then asked for her number. Melissa thought he was cute and nervously gave him her number, even though employees weren’t allowed to give their number to customers! The slowly started texting, then hanging out and eventually became official!

John proposed to Melissa on New Year’s Eve at the famous Idaho potato drop. They went to dinner downtown before heading to the Capitol. As the timer started counting down to midnight John asked Melissa if she had any New Year’s resolutions. She quickly answered “Nope!”. John responded, “Well I do, and it’s to spend the rest of my life with the girl I love” and then he got down on one knee. Of course she said yes since now they’re busy planning their wedding!

Their Classic Boise Engagement

One of the things that I loved about Melissa and John was their determination to compromise. Melissa wanted to have a more dressy outfit and John wanted a more casual look – so they opted for one of each! We started at a park in Boise where we had a beautiful evening and then we made our way to the Boise foothills for the remainder of their session. Not only did they get variety in their outfits, but also in their location! I love that there’s so many options in Boise for your session all within a short drive that offer a unique variety of backgrounds.

A fun moment from their engagement session was when a deer popped out of the grass in the foothills! It’s always fun when the wildlife joins in on the session!

Their Upcoming Wedding

Melissa and John will be tying the knot in June at Honalee Farm. Although John mentioned he would be thrilled to have a courthouse wedding, he is happy to have a bigger celebration since that is what Melissa wants. I told you they’re good at compromising! They are both looking forward to being married to their best friend and having a joint account (hah!). While I am so excited for their wedding day, here’s a few photos from their engagement session to hold you over until then!

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