Boise Picnic Engagement – Catherine + Zackery

I am so excited to share this Boise picnic engagement session with you. When I first met Catherine and Zackery, I could tell right away that this is one of the most genuinely kind couples I’ve had the chance to work with. They are so welcoming and friendly and I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day next year!

Their Love Story

Catherine and Zackery met through mutual friends. Their relationship started out as friends – they would go to the grocery store and do everyday things together. At some point Zackery tried Catherine’s cooking and that’s when they decided they needed to start officially dating. Together they enjoy watching Korean dramas and spending time relaxing.

Zackery proposed on the weekend of their 4 year anniversary. They booked a little weekend getaway and wanted to have a picnic together. They picked up sandwiches and were on their way! Zackery hid the ring in the picnic basket and the rest is history! It makes sense why they wanted to have a picnic-themed engagement session as well!

Their Boise Picnic Engagement

Catherine and Zackery wanted to do something unique for their engagement photos. After a lot of brainstorming and going back-and-forth they decided on having a picnic for their engagement session! I loved this idea so much because it really makes their photos stand out – plus we used some of the props from their picnic throughout their session.

They let me know that the basket used for their session was the same picnic basket that Zackery used during the proposal. How cute is that?! We started their session by setting up a picnic by the Boise River. It was so peaceful and I had fun letting them enjoy some quiet moments together while hiding behind some bushes. As they wrapped up their picnic we moved on to the rest of their session which ended in a gorgeous field of flowers as the sun was setting.

I plan all of my engagement sessions around golden hour for a reason – the light is amazing during this time! The lighting combined with the wildflowers and their outfits made me feel like this session is straight out of a fairytale!

Their Upcoming Wedding

I am so excited to photograph their wedding next year at The Vintage Rose in Nampa. The venue has beautiful grounds and these two are most excited about spending the day surrounded by their friends and family.

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