Liz & Tony – Sunrise Lakeshore State Park Engagement Session

Liz and Tony met through mutual friends during a board game night. When he asked for Liz’s number at the end of the night, she agreed and he messaged her the next day to ask her on a date! Of course she said yes and the rest was history!

These two have one of the most elaborate proposal stories I have ever heard! Tony created a detailed two day long scavenger hunt throughout the city of Milwaukee. At each stop, Liz would find a puzzle box and a clue to the next box. She was told not to solve the puzzle boxes until later that day.

It started early in the morning. The first box was in their home along with a clue that lead them to the North Point Water Tower where another puzzle box awaited them. That clue revealed their next stop – Villa Terrace. She had to solve a hangman puzzle at Villa Terrace to lead her to the McKinley Beach Flag Pole where she found another puzzle box with a fill in the blank puzzle.

The hint lead them to the Colectivo on Lake drive where the barista handed them some bagels and drinks already prepared for them. Tony had his brother sneakily prepay for the goodies and given them the clue ahead of time along with a picture of him and Liz so they would know who to give the clue to! The staff at Colectivo happily obliged to playing a role in his proposal!

They had a few more stops at a bridge nearby, Veteran’s Park, the Kite Shop, and the Vietnam memorial before they ended up at the Art Museum. At this point they needed some lunch so they went out to get some food before their friend’s birthday party later that day. While they got ready for the birthday party Liz was allowed to open the puzzle boxes. She was able to figure out that there were still a few clues missing.

Meanwhile, they had to go to their friend’s birthday party. At the party, there was of course another clue and puzzle box waiting for them! The clue revealed the location of a hidden key to Tony’s family treasure box. The treasure box contained – you guessed it – another puzzle box! This puzzle box contained some instructions which ultimately lead Liz to discovering the time and location for the next clue – which was the next morning at Lakeshore State Park.

The next morning, they adventured to Lakeshore State Park where Liz discovered the last box – a red box with a ribbon containing a ring – that’s when Tony got down on one knee and proposed. How fitting that their engagement session took place in the exact spot where they got engaged!

Their engagement session was so much fun! We woke up before the sun on a really foggy morning. The fog created an eerie vibe throughout the park. Regardless of the fact that we didn’t get a typical sunrise, we were able to create some magic together.

These two will by tying the knot this fall at a family farm – I can’t wait to photograph their wedding day! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from their engagement session!

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