Kristin and Dave – Downtown Wauwatosa Engagement Session

Every guy talks about marrying the girl next door. Well, Dave is quite literally marrying the girl next door – these two are currently next door neighbors. When I met Kristin and Dave in a Colectivo Coffee shop, we were having so much fun together that we had to relocate to the wine bar next door after Colectivo closed. These two have a love and happiness that is infectious. The more we talked, the more we found uncanny similarities between our relationships. It truly felt like we were meant to meet each other!

Their relationship started as friends – Kristin was friends with Dave’s roommate and would often come over to play board games. At one point Kristin made the decision that she was going to move away from Milwaukee. By the end of that summer, she would be gone. Of course, Dave decided this would be the perfect time to realize that he had feelings for Kristin. And the feelings ended up being mutual.

Right as Kristin was about to move (Actually, I believe she had really already moved all of her stuff, but had come back to Milwaukee for a few frisbee games before her job officially started), Dave asked Kristin out to dinner… with his parents. Because isn’t that what everyone does for their first date? After dinner, the two of them continued their date at a bar – sans parents. They ended up closing out the bar and STILL kept talking for at least another hour. Because they were already such good friends, their conversations focused around deeper topics rather than surface level conversation.

The next day they decided they needed to talk. This was the talk that many people might call DTR (define the relationship). The result of that talk was they would give this a trial week. Kristin would stay in Milwaukee for an extra week and delay her move.

Well, as luck would have it, that week turned into a month. They went on 21 dates in 21 days. Kristin stayed in Milwaukee as long as she could before moving away. They did long distance for that first year, but Kristin moved back as soon as she could! The rest was history.

Their proposal story is a pretty good one too! It may have taken Dave several (okay… 3) tries before Kristin finally said yes and gave Dave the key to her heart – the same key seen in a few of their engagement photos below.

I hope you enjoy a few of my favorite photos from their Downtown Wauwatosa Engagement session! This couple is so sweet and I hope you can all keep them in your thoughts as they have to rearrange their wedding plans due to the current pandemic. I know this couple can get through anything together though!

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