Downtown Milwaukee Sunrise Engagement

A big gust of wind came out of nowhere. Stephanie and Patrick were posed on the rocks of Lakeshore State Park. I was worried they would fall. But they stood steady. Stephanie’s hair blew wildly in the wind. We looked up and could see it. It was what we had been waiting for. The sun was finally making an entrance, peeking out from behind the clouds covering Lake Michigan. The bright golden rays surrounded us. This was why we all woke up at 4 am (or 3 am for dear Stephanie and Patrick) – to witness the sunrise.

Stephanie and Patrick are the cutest couple! When I first started interacting with Stephanie she told me how lucky she was to have met Patrick. And then when Patrick first talked to me he said the same thing! They met at the right time in their lives – they were both looking for someone to spend forever with. On their first date they met up at a Starbucks before going to a soccer game. They did so just in case they didn’t hit it off and weren’t forced to sit through a two-hour game together. Well, I guess they hit it off because they went to the game and a year later they’re engaged!

Their relationship moved quickly – within two weeks Stephanie introduced Patrick to her parents. Then within 4 months they were taking a road trip across the country together to move to Connecticut! Stephanie has been able to travel through her job as a nurse and Patrick has joined her along the way. Isn’t that so sweet? Their dedication to each other as they explore new cities amazes me.

When I met Stephanie and Patrick in person, we quickly bonded over our love of Grey’s Anatomy and I immediately felt like I was talking to my new best friends. I could feel the love between these two! They both love and value their families and have bonded over their love of all things sports. I enjoyed watching them interact with each other!

I have been wanting to photograph a sunrise session forever! Since Milwaukee is on the West side of Lake Michigan we get a beautiful sunrise over the lake. Sunset is also pretty, but you don’t get that same effect as the sun over the lake. Patrick grew up in Hawaii and he loved watching the sunrises over the ocean. He told me that sometimes when he drops Stephanie off at work in the morning he will drive to the lake and watch the sunrise. When I suggested a sunrise session to Stephanie and Patrick they were on board! I’m so glad they were because the experience was magical. The light was so dreamy all morning long!

Stephanie and Patrick – I am so excited for you two and your engagement. Thank you for trusting me to capture these photos. I had so much fun exploring Lakeshore State Park and downtown Milwaukee with you. I’m sorry I made you both climb over rocks twice – especially you Stephanie since you were in heels! I appreciate you both having positive attitudes throughout the morning. You both made me laugh a lot! Here’s a few of my favorite photos from their session. Enjoy!


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